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I’m cranky, old, and have difficultly following detailed instructions, particularly when using software. Basically I’m every engineer’s nightmare when it comes to product testing. 👴🧓

-> Does this describe you? Comments below.

I also complain a lot.

Perhaps a more forgiving version is that I’m about the most difficult user…

I’ve got a boss that practically lets me get away with anything. 😇

And boy have I abused this privilege! 😈

-> Have you? Comments below.

Let me elaborate.

When I first started at 3AG we had a good book of business and a long history with our existing clients.

Work from my earlier days.

As a barely passable engineer 🦫 who often gets caught up with printf(hello world!”) I still use far too much technical jargon.

It’s kinda sad actually, given how bad my programming is. (GOTO SENTENCE.LAST) 😁

-> Does this sort of thing happen to you too? …

Train tracks split

Most companies are flying blind when it comes to decision making.

Do you agree or disagree with me?

A shockingly high percentage of the business leaders I talk with claim that while they have huge amounts of data, they feel they’re just not using it well.

And there’s a long…

ERP. No other three letters can strike such fear into the heart of a CFO. But why is this the case? And what can leaders do to solve this problem?

What does ERP stand for

First a quick primer. The term Enterprise Resource Planning, or ERP, was first coined by Gartner in the 1990s. It…

In a data-driven world, it’s odd that gut instinct still plays such a big part in business decisions. But why isn’t surprising: Not only do businesses have more data than they can handle, but they’re also using a tool never designed to gather BI (Business Intelligence) in the first place.

Originally published on the 3AG blog: Data science and data engineering (should) go together like peas and carrots

Wait — data science and data engineering aren’t the same?

We get this question a lot, both from data-heavy organizations and in casual conversation. And it makes some sense, until you start…

There are many ways that data from business processes and places can be accessed, including operating databases, manufacturing intelligence tools, sensors and even spreadsheets. But translating data into insights is where the rubber hits the road.

Understand how you can improve manufacturing analysis with these five tips.

Collect as much…

Ad hoc analysis (definition):

In a business context, ad hoc analysis is some form of analysis, often performed by non-technical users to answer a particular business question. With the proliferation of various self-serve BI tools, ad hoc analysis has become much more accessible to broader business users.

Ad hoc reports (definition):

Ad hoc reports are reports developed in…

Enterprise BI stories from 19th century London

(This story first appeared on the 3AG Systems blog)

Miasma theory, the old belief that disease was transmitted by “bad air” had a hint of truth to it. The theory met its limits when people focused on masking bad smells instead of improving…


Part marketer, part engineer and all-data. Head of Marketing and Business Development at

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